Complementing the selection of accessories for Firefox from the previous Tasta'm now we want to share with you another choice that will improve the security of your Internet browsing.

Remember that you can install from the browser menu Tools> Add-ons or gone to complement Mozilla Firefox Web at:

BetterPrivacy . Protects against Cookies can not be deleted.

BlockSite Block sites selected as unfit. You must add sites manually.

Dr. Web Anti-virus check all the files you download are not infected by malware.

FormFox When you are filling in a form in which this extension checks will only send their data by placing the mouse pointer button "summit" or "send".

Ghostery This extension alerts you when a website is watching us through the site analysis to detect if a script is running hidden tracking behavior.

Locationbar Check if a URL will redirect to another site. It is useful to prevent phishing.

NoScript block any JavaScript or Java code. Allows you to prevent attacks of cross-site scripting and clickjacking .

Password Hasher Generate strong passwords. After it installs and creates a master password for this service extension generates strong keys for specific sites.

QuickJava makes it easy to enable and disable Java and JavaScript in your browser with a few clicks.

Web of Trust warn you about websites that can become infected with malware or send spam. When you browse to a site that extension will display a color icon indicating the level of danger.


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